From order placement to payment: process incoming orders faster and with better error prevention. Instead of time-consuming manual input, your employees only need to focus on process control and any special cases.

  • Manual processing of incoming orders is minimized
  • Quick access to documents enables easier communication and smoother workflows.


Why Order-to-Cash Processes Are So Important

O2C processes describe the entire workflow from customer order entry to payment receipt posting. This includes order acceptance, order processing, invoicing, receivables management and receipt of payment.

One core task is order acceptance, which involves processing incoming orders. When this process is digitized and largely automated, it has positive effects on the entire O2C process: costs are reduced, resources are utilized more efficiently, and errors are minimized. This increases customer satisfaction and, through simpler and transparent internal operations, also the contentment of your employees.

Desktop Ansicht automatische Bestellberarbeitung

Automated Order Processing

Our solution processes incoming orders automatically without the need for prior training on forms and structures.

Customer File

All information in the current context is always readily available: find all relevant documents related to customers and orders in our seamlessly integrated sidebar. Clear and always at your fingertips.

Preview MockUp: Solution for Seamless Document Integration