Efficient DMS

Document Management with SAP and SharePoint

Use your SharePoint and M365 licences for powerful, clear and cost-effective document management. Using SAP/ECC and SAP S4/Hana Private Cloud as examples, we will show you how you can always have your company documents dynamically available in the right context.

  • Automatic indexing and efficient searches for specific documents

  • Documents visible across all business objects

  • Audit-proof archiving with SharePoint

  • The solutions can also be applied to other SAP ERP systems (e.g. public cloud)
MockUp of user interface: Document Management with SAP

SAP Document Management

Intelligent indexing and dynamic, cross-business-object linking of your documents: with our solution, you always have your documents quickly and easily to hand in the right context.

Use SharePoint as the basis for efficient and user-friendly organisation of your company documents. The approach is more favourable than conventional solutions, your SAP remains powerful and fast.


Document Management with SAP Step by Step


Integrated Sidebar

With our sidebar, you can always store, find or edit documents according to the respective context. The discreetly integrated sidebar, which can be called up at any time, always remains standardised regardless of the ERP, CRM or business system used, thus guaranteeing easy handling for all users.


The Benefits of Document Management with SAP


By using your existing SharePoint and M365 licences, you benefit from synergies

Centralised Access

The documents are stored centrally and are also available in other business systems


Putting SharePoint under SAP is significantly cheaper and more efficient than conventional, expensive archiving systems


This is What Your Document Management with SAP Looks Like

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MockUp der Eingangsrechnungslösung mit SAP

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