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Invoice Processing with SAP

Automated processing of your incoming invoices with automatic differentiation between MM invoices with purchase order reference and FI invoices without purchase order reference.

  • Open for all (e-)invoice formats (EDI, ebInterface, XRechnung, paper, PDF, etc.)

  • Compliance with legally required documentation and the internal control procedures

Document Management with SAP

All company documents dynamically always in the right context with SharePoint or M365:  for a powerful, intuitive document management system.

  • Automatic indexing and efficient searches

  • Documents visible across all business objects

Transparency and Overview

The central organisation of your company documents enables all employees to quickly access relevant documents and information. This facilitates communication, reduces errors and optimises workload.

Efficient Approaches

Our products give you low-threshold, low-cost, powerful solutions that meet even complex requirements while remaining uncomplicated and customisable for the user.

Intelligent Automation

The digitalisation of your document-based business processes enables automated work steps exactly where your employees really need help. They can concentrate on more important tasks.

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Our Approach

Simple & Intuitive

Our workflow solutions are easy and intuitive to use, customized to end-users – and not limited by the constraints of an ERP system or bumpy workflow engine.


We understand our customers’ business processes (DMS / ERP) and can address even complex requirements.

Honest Focus on the User

We develop our solutions with a special focus on bringing joy to our customers in their everyday use. With input from our customers, we continuously improve our solutions.

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