Solutions For Your Sales Department

Our solutions support you in optimising your sales activities. The easily automated processes ensure transparency for employees and long-term efficiency in terms of time and costs.

  • Automated document recognition for fast processing of your company documents

  • All documents always quickly available in the right context


Digitalisation of Your Sales Department

By automating the processing of your incoming orders, your sales workflows are faster and more satisfactory for the customer. The manual checking and transfer of data previously carried out by employees can easily be automated with integrated validity and consistency checks. As a result, your employees have more time for more important and complex tasks. Employer satisfaction and productivity increase, while effort, costs and errors are significantly reduced. Benefit from the positive effects of paperless processing!

Desktop Ansicht automatische Bestellberarbeitung

Scan Incoming Orders

Our solution processes incoming orders automatically, extracts relevant invoice data and simultaneously checks for consistency, validity and compliance. This results in enormous savings potential in terms of time and costs.

Client File

A seamlessly integrated sidebar enables quick access to all relevant documents relating to your customers. Clearly organised and always at hand.

Preview MockUp: Solution for Seamless Document Integration