Solutions for Your Logistics Department

More speed, flexibility and controllability of your logistics processes. With our solutions, we support digitalisation in your company and help your employees to maintain an overview at all times.

  • Paperless processing of your company document

  • Intuitive: solution that can be used without lengthy training

Digitalisation for your logistics department

The manual processing of documents is a time-consuming routine task that you can easily automate. With our solution, you can automatically read out paper documents, scans or structured files and prepare them for further digital processing. The intelligent solution recognises your defined compliance guidelines, limit values and master data and can incorporate these into the verification of the read data. This means that you have automated a large part of the processing and your employees have time for more important tasks instead.

Desktop Ansicht Automatische Datenexraktion Lieferscheine

Automated Delivery Notes

Data of incoming analogue or digital delivery notes is extracted and automatically compared with existing reference data. Corrections and approvals are possible in just a few clicks. The documents and all information can be easily accessed in the following workflow.

Process CMR Documents

You can also use our solution to import, manage and archive your freight documents. All relevant documents are always quickly available in the relevant context

MockUp: Laptop with Automatic Document Recognition Interface