Smart (travel) expense reports

Automating (Travel) Expense  Reporting

Replace physical receipts with mobile photos: with electronic (travel) expense reporting, you can digitally submit and approve your invoices. All relevant data is automatically extracted, and additional expenses (such as mileage) are calculated in just a few clicks. Pre-configured approval workflows make it quick and easy to review travel requests and expense reports.

  • Location-independent requests and reports, even from mobile devices

  • No need for physical receipts anymore

  • Significantly more efficient process with reduced error rates


Automate (Travel) Expense  Reporting

Manage Travel Requests Digitally

With our solution, you can easily create travel requests and have them reviewed and approved by supervisors in just a few clicks. A rough estimate of planned costs allows those in charge to have maximum visibility into all upcoming business trips. Reservations, tickets, or relevant expenses can be included and saved in the request. Thanks to centralized management with access for all involved parties, continuous information and communication are ensured for all sides. The solution allows for the flexible inclusion of relevant employees, such as travel arrangers and can mirror the valid approval process within the company.

All information about planned and completed business trips is centrally located. As a result, supervisors can not only handle individual business trips more easily but also conduct queries and analyses based on specific trip parameters, such as destination countries, total travel expenses, or the number of business trips.

In addition to the standard workflow, travel requests can be customized, and the scope of services can be expanded. For example, it is possible to confirm business trips after completion and easily submit them for expense reporting. If business trips occur regularly, travel requests can be copied and resubmitted without any hassle.


All Advantages of Digital (Travel) Expense Reporting

Save Resources
Significantly less effort for request submission and expense reporting
Intelligent Automation
Automatic extraction of relevant data, including country-specific variations
Compliant reporting of all expenses
Easy Communication
Integrated chat function for straightforward communication
User-friendly interface and central overview of all information

Expense Reporting

Automatic capture of all relevant invoice details, including tax rates and gross and net amounts. Easy calculation of mileage reimbursement.

  • Submit expenses with significantly less effort

  • Reduced error rates with increased transparency and overview

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Travel Expense Reporting

Intelligent extraction of all relevant data. Exchange rates, per diems, and mileage reimbursement are automatically calculated with a few clicks.

  • Responsive expense report templates specific to each set of travel data

  • Compliant reporting of all expenses and per diems

Travel Requests

All information about planned and past trips at a glance, including cost estimates and comparisons of planned vs. actual budgets. Specific analyses provide valuable insights.

  • Support for compliance with travel policies, with a focus on sustainable travel

  • Easy supervision of travel budgets
Expense Reporting

Digital Expense Reporting

Excel spreadsheets, long-term storage of individual receipts, printing, stapling, and other tedious steps are a thing of the past. With automated expense reporting, receipts are photographed and stored in your account via email. You can easily finalize the report at a later time. Clear approval processes and simple communication options ensure a smooth workflow from request submission to approval by supervisors.

Travel Expense Reporting

Automate Travel Expense Reporting

Automated travel expense reporting allows you to easily store receipts incurred while on the go and process them later (independently of location). Responsive expense report templates and automatic calculation of exchange rates, per diems, and mileage reimbursement greatly reduce the effort.

Travel Requests

Centrally Organize Business Trips

All information about an upcoming trip, such as reservations, tickets, or expenses, is centrally accessible and can be quickly viewed by relevant individuals. Supervisors gain maximum visibility into travel budgets, planned costs, and other parameters. Travel arrangers can organize trips much more easily and communicate effectively. Employees have access to the current status and all trip documents, even from mobile devices.


Seamless integration into common FIBU/ERP systems

Among others:

  • BMD
  • MS Dynamics 365 Finance&Operations or Business Central
  • MS Dynamics NAV

  • MS Dynamics AX

  • SAP S/4HANA (Cloud)
  • SAP Business One

  • Sage Office Line

  • IBM Maximo
  • Infor

  • Oxaion