From procurement to payment: streamline your purchase-to-pay process with automation, transparency, and efficiency. By connecting various input channels (paper, email, PDF, EDI, etc.), you can quickly communicate and exchange all relevant documents and information with the respective parties. Your employees benefit from reduced time spent and better transparency of all processes.

  • Streamlined approval processes

  • Integration of all input channels

  • Quick access to all relevant information from anywhere


Why Purchase-to-Pay Processes are so Important

P2P processes encompass the entire workflow from demand recognition and procurement to the payment of goods and services in businesses. This includes order processing, supplier management, invoice verification, and payment processing. Digitalizing these essential processes enables more efficient and transparent execution. Costs are reduced, errors minimized, procurement cycles shortened, and internal communication among employees, as well as external communication with suppliers, is improved. Furthermore, it allows for long-term data-driven analysis, which will be crucial for optimizing your business strategy in the long run.

Automated Invoice Processing

A central component of the P2P process: automatically process your incoming invoices digitally. Our solution, with AI-powered data extraction, provides a broad application base.

Order Approval

Effortless and clear approval of your outgoing orders.

Preview MockUp: Solution for Seamless Document Integration

Supplier File

All information in the current context is always readily available: find all relevant documents related to suppliers, orders, and deliveries in our seamlessly integrated sidebar. Clear and always at your fingertips.