Secure internal data

GDPR-Compliant Appointment Scheduling

Data protection is important, especially for your professional appointments.

With Spoodle, you can use your Active Directory to coordinate appointments directly within your company network, ensuring that internal matters stay internal.

  • Seamless integration into your company’s infrastructure

  • Sophisticated rights management for internal and external participants

  • Location-independent, user-friendly appointment scheduling

General Info

Focus On Participants

The user-friendly interface with a clear dashboard and automatic synchronization with the Exchange calendar makes Spoodle particularly user-friendly. All participants can initiate a poll and the voting process is managed through sophisticated rights management. External participants can be manually added, allowing Spoodle to coordinate appointments with partners or customers as needed. The product imposes no limits on the number of polls or participants.

Data Protection in Focus

Spoodle enables GDPR-compliant appointment scheduling with internal and, upon invitation, external participants. Data is securely stored on your own servers or in your own data center.

Versatile Options

Benefit from sophisticated rights management and numerous options for polls. There are no limits to the number of polls or appointments you can schedule.

Integration & Information

All essential appointment details are displayed to participants through integration with the Exchange calendar. Email notifications and a user-friendly dashboard ensure full visibility at all times.

Desktop Ansicht interne Terminabstimmung Spoodle
Seamless Integration

Seamlessly Integrated into Company Infrastructure

Spoodle uses Active Directory for user management. This allows the web application to be seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure, and it can also be integrated into SharePoint. This means that appointments can be coordinated across the entire company network without additional administrative overhead.

Efficient and legally secure

Spoodle Protects Your Internal Data

With Spoodle, appointment coordination and communication stay internal, and data remains on your own servers or data centers. You no longer need to rely on third-party providers whose handling of data may not be transparent or sufficiently secure. The software is already successfully used by numerous companies and organizations.

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Appointment Scheduling Has Never Been Easier:

Every Spoodle user can initiate a poll
Sophisticated rights management
Unlimited polls and participants
Automatic email notifications
Integration with the Exchange calendar
External participants upon approval

How it works


Client Statements:

“The assistant feature, which allows for scheduling appointments on behalf of other participants, is crucial for us. With the option to select and reserve a meeting room, meetings are organized quickly and easily. Our employees appreciate the intuitive operation and use Spoodle for both internal and external polls.”

Leonhard Weiss

“Securely storing all sensitive data is a major concern for us. With Spoodle, we can now reliably and legally coordinate our internal and external appointments. The integration with the Exchange calendar is very convenient. Once a poll is initiated, the rest runs automatically.”

Stadt Frankfurt am Main

“With Spoodle, we can coordinate our appointments regardless of location. Even in home offices, we can easily and quickly align ourselves. The integration with the Exchange calendar automates a significant part of the organization, and we always maintain an overview. “

Charlotte Pipe and Foundry Company

“Storing data exclusively on our servers ensures compliance with data protection requirements.”

Björn Grunert