Smart Business Solutions

Key business processes smartly digitalised

Invoice Processing

Automatically scan and digitally process invoices. Benefit from the user-friendly and clear invoice approval workflow, as well as the subsequent digital archiving in your own M365 tenant.

  • Significant reduction in effort and time per document

  • User-friendly, location-independent and continuously optimized
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(Travel) Expense Reporting

Photograph your bills on the go and file them in your account until you have time for the expense report: the digital accounting of your receipts makes preparation, submitting, checking and approval much easier.

  • Significantly easier expense reports and approvals
  • Preparation, reports and analyses intelligently in one place

Automatic Document Recognition

Ready-made modules for orders, delivery notes, and order confirmations, among others. Custom documents can also be processed without lengthy training, such as waybills, material certificates, or time sheets.

  • Clear digital workflow instead of piles of paperwork
  • Enormous potential for saving time, expenditure, and resources

Appointment Coordination

Our solution uses your Active Directory for user management. This allows an easy integration of the web application into the existing infrastructure. Your data is securely stored on your own servers.

  • GDPR-compliant, location-independent appointment coordination and scheduling

  • Invitation of external participants possible

The benefits of our solutions

No more paper chaos, no media disruption

There is no need to physically transport documents from one place to another or to physically sign and file them. Through the digitization of the process, everyone has access to information, documents, and the history of past communication from anywhere.

The digital workflow enables additional assistance, including automated validity and compliance checks, email notifications, reminders, and more.

Intelligent Bridge Technology with Future Prospects

Our approach has a long-term perspective and strategy. Processing both unstructured data (scans, PDFs) and structured data (XML, e.g., XRechnung, ebInterface) is less affected by changing technological and legal conditions than other solutions.

Sustainable Optimization of Business Processes

Our solutions are less dependent on individual partners and more efficient than traditional technologies, such as costly EDI interfaces. In addition, their use, especially from the cloud, makes sense even with a smaller number of documents, making them suitable for both SMEs and large enterprises.


Client Statements

“We were able to quickly engage in direct exchange and chose a step-by-step approach in which all stakeholders were involved from the beginning. This worked excellently, and the colleagues from free-com were highly solution-oriented.”

Jasmin Dizdarevic
Head of IT, Walter Bösch  GmbH & Co KG

“Yesterday, I was given a complete demonstration of the current development status through your demo. And I must say: WOW!!! … I believe that you have created the currently best electronic invoice processing workflow on this planet!”

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“With Spoodle, we can coordinate our appointments regardless of location, even in the home office, we can easily and quickly coordinate with each other. The integration with the Exchange Calendar automates a large part of the organization, and we always keep an overview.”

Charlotte Pipe and Foundry Company

free-com USPs

Our Approach

Simple & Intuitive

Our workflow solutions are simple and intuitive to use and tailored to the end user – not restricted by limitations of an ERP system or bumpy workflow engine.


We understand our customer’s business processes (DMS/ERP) and solve complex requirements.

Honest focus on the user

We develop our solutions with a special focus on providing joy to our customers in everyday use. We continuously improve our solutions with input from our customers.