Process documents digitally

Automatic Document Recognition

No more piles of paper, lengthy data transfers, or misplaced documents: with AI-powered data extraction, you can digitize, process and archive all types of documents in your company.

  • Intelligent digitization of personnel records, order confirmations, delivery notes, timesheets, and more

  • Significant savings in resources and processing times

  • All input channels integrated
Basic Module

One Base, Many Possibilites

You can intelligently extract data from various types of documents with our basic module smart FIX. The data is automatically passed on  to the subsequent tool for structured processing. With AI and machine learning approaches, the solution continuously learns and optimizes itself. Even without lengthy training, the solution achieves high recognition rates. smart FIX can be flexibly customized and expanded to meet your needs.


Processing Documents Digitally


Digitally processed documents have many benefits

Efficient Automation

You digitize your documents sensibly, significantly reducing time and cost. Moreover, the digitized process is much less error-prone.

Intelligent Workflow

You get a preconfigured processing and approval workflow that is expanded with customized features based on your specific requirements.


The solution is entirely digital, from document receipt to electronic archiving. Users can start without lengthy training.

Automatic Checks

Intelligent validation and data consistency checks take place without additional effort

Easy processing

The structured data is provided as XML and/or passed directly to the respective interface

No more paper

With final digital archiving, no sheet needs to be printed, filed or otherwise physically handled throughout the whole process


smart INVOICE: Digitize and Automate Incoming Invoices

The invoices are scanned using OCR and all relevant invoice data is extracted in a structured format, without the need to train on the exact invoice layout in advance. If necessary, unclear items are marked for manual review and the self-learning system can handle these cases on its own in the next run. It recognizes international invoices as well as varying payment terms and automatically checks for conformity, compliance rules, and amount consistency.

Cloud Solution

Incoming Invoice Processing as SaaS

The solution scales flexibly according to your current needs, from 10 to 10,000+ invoices per day
Efficient Growth
It is also efficient for SMEs with a low volume of invoices and can grow with them. Switching to on-premises is possible at any time.
Fully integrated
Without installation but fully integrated into your environment.
Your data is securely stored in certified European data centers.
Fast GoLive
GoLive in just a few weeks with full flexibility through low-code customization options.


Order Processing

smart ORDER: Intelligent Order Processing with Universal Application

smart ORDER can quickly and comprehensively extract and classify all relevant order data without prior training on forms or structures. The self-optimizing tool independently validates master data and analyzes the information, including special conditions. Among other things, it can reliably process customer-specific item names, individual product characteristics, multi-page and international orders. In the flexibly preconfigured post-processing of documents, employees then verify the data and check the anomalies marked by smart ORDER. Integrated into the respective downstream system, individual orders follow a digitized, efficient, and error-resistant path.

Desktop Ansicht automatische Bestellberarbeitung

Award-Winning Solution

The Sales Portal “MMKdigital” of our customer Mayr-Melnhof Karton, integrated with smart ORDER, was awarded for its innovation and setting new standards in speed and communication.

smart ORDER makes the costly implementation of EDI interfaces obsolete.

The implementation of EDI interfaces, such as EDIFACT, is costly and requires ongoing effort in terms of support and service. Customers must initially be willing to invest effort and subsequently continuously contribute relevant order volumes to make the solution cost-effective. At the same time, other customers continue to be served via PDF, fax, or email—an unstructured and inefficient mixed solution.

smart ORDER can optimally complement and even replace these structures with its intelligent functions. By connecting to downstream business systems, the digitized orders are processed in a continuous, congruent process.

The post-processing in smart ORDER is configurable. It follows the verifier principle and is available in different languages. smart ORDER simplifies order processing, positively impacting numerous other processes in the company, such as the significantly more efficient management of warehousing and delivery logistics.


How it works

Desktop Ansicht automatische Bestellberarbeitung
Order Confirmations

Digitized Processing of Order Confirmations

smart ORDER CONFIRMATION extracts all relevant data from the order confirmation: date, order number, supplier, item number, description, price, quantities, delivery date, etc. By automatically comparing with the order stored in the ERP, discrepancies are quickly identified, marked for manual user review, and then made available for the subsequent process. Correct documents can be approved directly.

Delivery Notes

Automated Processing of Delivery Notes

Delivery notes are automatically read upon receipt, whether as an email or in paper form, and matched with the order data, allowing for corrections or approvals in just a few clicks. Both header and item data are read and checked for correctness, including date, order number, supplier, order items, item quantities, and numbers. After scanning the documents, all relevant information is automatically available and the delivery notes are digitally stored.

The solution not only automates the process and saves a lot of time in processing delivery notes but also requires fewer resources and coordination efforts due to the digitization of documents.

Desktop Ansicht Automatische Datenexraktion Lieferscheine

How it works

1. Extraction of Basic Data from the Delivery Note

2. Automatic Detection of Item Data

MockUp: Laptop with Automatic Document Recognition Interface
Individual Documents

Processing Your Individual, Company-Relevant Documents

Our solution automatically extracts structured data presented in PDF form and forwards it to the ERP. This can include various types of documents regularly processed within the company: certificates, notices, lists, letters, and more. Our solution learns the document’s structure without prior intensive training and marks notable or deviating positions for manual review. Specific parameters, such as automatic validation of the provided data or a maximum deviation value, can be configured.

We will implement your individual requirements to the best possible extent!

Further Document Types


Seamless integration into common FIBU/ERP systems

Among others:

  • BMD
  • MS Dynamics 365 Finance&Operations or Business Central

  • MS Dynamics NAV

  • MS Dynamics AX

  • SAP S/4HANA (Cloud)
  • SAP Business One

  • Sage Office Line

  • IBM Maximo
  • Infor

  • Oxaion