Optimise your key processes 

Smart AI-supported business processes

Customised digital solutions for meaningful optimisation of your key business processes. Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning approaches, our solutions are capable of autonomously automating significant parts of your document processing. This allows you to relieve your employees of repetitive manual tasks, save resources, reduce errors, and thus sustainably increase your productivity. All documents can be viewed and processed centrally and transparently – without the need for printing, handovers, or manual signatures.

The future is digital – your business processes should be too!


Significantly higher efficiency through automated workflows, real-time data and optimised internal communication, as well as externally with suppliers.

  • Incoming Invoice Processing
  • Order Approval
  • Supplier File


By improving the speed and accuracy of automated order processing, you can shorten delivery times, reduce effort and costs, and optimise your entire ordering process for both your employees and your customers.

  • Automated Order Processing
  • Client File

Electronic Invoice Workflow

Learn more about the individual steps in the processing of incoming invoices and about the positive effects associated with the digitalisation of the workflow.