SAP Invoice Processing

Electronic Invoice Processing for SAP

Digitize your SAP invoice workflow and benefit from numerous smart features. Relevant invoice data is automatically extracted and processed digitally, efficiently, and transparently in the subsequent workflow.

  • Open to all (e)invoice formats (EDI, ebInterface, XRechnung, paper, PDF, etc.)

  • Automatic differentiation between MM invoices with purchase order reference and financial invoices without purchase order reference
  • Compliance with legal documentation requirements and internal control procedures

MockUp der Eingangsrechnungslösung mit SAP

How SAP Invoice Processing Works

Cloud Solution

SAP Invoice Entry from the Cloud

Efficient from as few as 10 invoices and flexibly scalable to 10,000+ invoices per day.
SaaS from certified European data centers.
Processes all known invoice formats: ebInterface, XRechnung, EDI, scans, etc.
No installation required, but fully integrated into your environment. Switching to On-Premise is possible at any time.
GoLive in a few weeks with full flexibility of workflows and accounting dimensions through low code customising options

Benefits of Electronic Invoice Processing (SAP)

Complete Overview

All documents are visible throughout the entire workflow via the attachment list. Approval histories, the integrated chat, and viewing windows effectively consolidate all relevant information.

Open to All (e)Invoice Formats

The solution processes both traditional paper and PDF invoices as well as future-proof formats (EDI, ebInterface, XRechnung, etc.).

Reduced Expenditure and Processing Times

There are significantly lower processing and turnaround times per document. This reduces the workload for employees, ensures timely settlement discounts, and improves communication and processes.

Independent of ERP and Archive

No overloaded DMS, no bumpy ERP add-ons: You receive a flexible, focused solution from a team dedicated to incoming invoice processing.


The documentation of the entire workflow, including the audit report for tamper-proof archiving, is automated. This supports compliance with legal documentation requirements under GAAB or internal control procedures.

Honest Focus on the User

Our solution is intuitive to use and offers numerous features to provide meaningful support to your employees. Lengthy training is not required: both users and the solution itself can start quickly.


Customer Testimonials

“With the incoming invoice solution from free-com, we have found a simple way to digitally map the types of invoices we receive in-house with different processing procedures and requirements. This allows us to quickly process approvals independently of the individual locations and at the same time we benefit from a great transparency and overview.”

Alexander Stumbea
Accounting, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

“The solution from free-com not only accelerates the processing of incoming invoices in our company – it also significantly increases transparency when releasing invoices. Because compliance aspects are also very important to us in IT projects..”

Hans-Jürgen Oppeneiger
Information & Organization, HeinzelPulp