Smart Solutions for your HR Department

User-friendly solutions for uncomplicated accounting: we help automate resource-intensive tasks in HR and make them easier. Clear, transparent and smooth.

  • Paperless travel and expense claims with fast communication

  • Location-independent, intuitive and flexibly adaptable to your needs

  • All documents always in the correct context, transparently available to everyone


Simpler personnel management

Many communication-intensive processes take place in HR departments, first and foremost the accounting of employees’ expenses. Expenses and travel costs are still done manually in many companies, with original receipts and Excel spreadsheets. But this is error-prone, tedious and consumes an enormous amount of time.

With the digitalisation of expense reports, it is possible to photograph receipts as soon as they are received, to have them read automatically with the help of AI and to store them for later processing. The billing is then done digitally in a relaxed manner, without lost invoices or tedious calculations.

The subsequent approval workflow bundles all information, receipts and (chat) messages. All instances can digitally access, approve or edit the requests. Intuitive, convenient and efficient.

Expense Report

Digital expense reports instead of complex, analogue paper processing: with our solution, expense reports can be made digitally, quickly, clearly and transparently for all decision-makers involved. Including chat function for direct communication without detours.

Travel Expense Report

Digitalised travel expense reporting including automatic calculation of all allowances and mileage payments based on individually stored collective agreements. For uncomplicated and location-independent travel expense accounting for all employees.

Preview MockUp: Solution for Seamless Document Integration

Personnel File

All documents always in the right context: with the practical sidebar, all relevant documents relating to your employees are always available at the click of a button.