Smart Solutions for Your Procurement

Cost savings and improved performance in purchasing through automated work steps and self-learning systems.

With our intelligent solutions, we support you in optimising your (digital) supply chain and thus enable transparent (information) processes.

  • Faster processing times and less susceptibility to errors

  • Location-independent release workflows according to your logics

  • Quick access to all documents


Digitalisation in Procurement

The digitalisation of processes in procurement helps to make them more efficient, transparent and error-resistant. Documents can be read out automatically and processed digitally, orders can be released regardless of location and documents can be managed centrally. This gives employees an overview of all the important essentials and more time for more complex tasks.

Manage Incoming Invoices

Have your incoming invoices read automatically and organise the subsequent approval workflow digitally. All common invoice formats can be processed (ebInterface, XInvoice, ZUGFeRD, but also PDFs, scans, …). Seam

Order Approval

Approve your orders easily – with our smart workflow solution. Uncomplicated, location-independent and transparent. With numerous features for a smooth workflow, including automatic notifications, chats, mentions, and more!

Desktop Ansicht Automatische Datenexraktion Lieferscheine
Preview MockUp: Solution for Seamless Document Integration

Suppliers File

A seamlessly integrated sidebar allows quick access to all relevant documents related to your suppliers. Unobtrusive in the background and quickly ready when needed. Clear and uncomplicated.