Powerful Low Code Automations

Microsoft Power Platform

Easily automate your workflows and fully integrate with the Microsoft 365 platform: we develop targeted and cost-effective solutions for your needs.

  • Easy application and customization through a low-code development environment

  • All components of the M365 platform as a source or target for integration

  • Get a complete strategy or assistance with implementation and consulting

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Power Automate

Automation and Integration

With Power Automate (formerly Flow), Microsoft has created a powerful automation and integration platform. Using a low-code development environment, it is very simple to automate processes within the Microsoft 365 platform.

All components of the platform, whether it’s D365, Outlook, SharePoint, or Power Apps, are available as sources or targets for integration. These can be simple processes, such as filing emails from an inbox into a SharePoint library based on specific rules, but also complex integrations between an ERP system and other external or internal platforms.

Microsoft Power Apps

Sustainable Low Code Solution

Power Apps is a powerful low-code development environment that allows for the rapid creation of web applications. It avoids the drawbacks of Excel or Access-based departmental applications and doesn’t immediately hit limits when requirements become more complex, unlike other low-code solutions. The resulting solutions are seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Authentication, assignment of appropriate permissions, and visibility are all possible. Additionally, the apps are available for mobile access from smartphones at any time.

Power Apps Desktop Ansicht
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Power Automate Desktop (RPA)

Robot Process Automation

Microsoft offers a powerful RPA solution with Power Automate Desktop. Its advantage is the complete integration into Power Automate and, therefore, the Microsoft 365 platform. The data required for desktop automation can be extracted from various data sources via Power Automate beforehand. Desktop processes can be recorded using a recorder and then adjusted by users in a clear development environment. Automation can be triggered interactively by users or occur in the background without interaction. Power Automate Desktop is a real alternative to better-known RPA solutions. Its integration into Microsoft 365 and its affordable price, in particular, distinguish the product.

Low Code without Limit

Extensive programming training is not required for creating Power Apps. We ensure that even complex extensions remain simple.

Full integration with M365

Authentications and permissions are easily implemented through full integration with M365. Applications like D365 or SharePoint are directly available as data sources for the app. The inclusion of additional data sources and applications is possible through connectors.

Low development costs

Internal applications can be implemented quickly and affordably through the platform. The cost is significantly more efficient compared to developing other custom software.