Quality Manual with SharePoint

Effective Quality Management with SharePoint / Microsoft 365

With our framework, you can use SharePoint as a flexible platform for managing your quality management documents. Benefit from transparent and centralized documentation as well as significantly simplified administration and editing processes.

  • Optimize your processes and thus efficiency & quality sustainably

  • Seamlessly integrated into the M365 world, no need to change environment

  • Reminder of deadlines: receive reminders of important deadlines by email or on the dashboard

Basic Information

Important Requirements for Quality Manuals

Quality management and other management systems are increasingly important aspects of the modern business environment. The ISO standards, for example ISO 9000 for quality management, provide a recognized framework for ensuring the quality, efficiency and sustainability of a company.

The core of every management system is the manual, which acts as a central source of information for all employees and documents organizational structures, procedures, processes and responsibilities in order to ensure the implementation, monitoring and continuous improvement of the system.

It usually consists of many individual documents, the contents of which are the responsibility of and managed by different people in an organization.

In a modern company, the processes and therefore the content of the manuals are subject to constant optimization. A flexible platform for managing the documents of the management system is therefore essential in order to be able to react quickly to changes and ensure continuous improvement.

We have therefore developed a framework based on SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365 for the efficient management, linking and release of documents in such a quality management system that can be flexibly expanded.


How It Works

Separate area for managing and editing documents with the familiar Office tools, e.g. Word
Flexibly definable approval process for new versions of a document
Once the document has been released, it is published as an unchangeable PDF file in SharePoint.
Easy Access
Once the PDF file has been published, it is available to all employees at any time, e.g. on the intranet

Benefit from numerous advantages


The solution adapts to the requirements of your company and offers flexible approval workflows and document properties.

Digital Signature

You can digitally sign your documents with external signature solutions such as DocuSign or Adobe Sign.

Seamlessly integrated into M365

The quality manual runs in the familiar Microsoft environment. The published documents can be embedded in the SharePoint intranet.