Intelligent incoming invoice solution for automated data extraction with subsequent approval process

Success Story: Walter Bösch GmbH & Co KG

“The implementation of the project was a lot of fun for all parties involved, and thanks to the user-friendly and highly modern software solution, our employees were able to adopt it with minimal training effort and questions. We were able to engage in direct communication quickly, using a step-by-step approach in which all parties were involved from the beginning. This worked excellently, and the colleagues at free-com were highly solution-oriented.”

Jasmin Dizdarevic
Head of IT, Walter Bösch GmbH & Co KG

About Walter Bösch GmbH & Co KG

The company, which operates throughout Austria, specialises in heating technology, air conditioning technology and ventilation technology and is one of the market leaders in all three areas. Founded in 1932, it now has almost 680 employees.


Technology, Manufacturing

Implemented Solutions

  • smart INVOICE
  • smartWorkflow

Fields of Application

  • Intelligent Incoming Invoice Processing


Intelligent Invoice Processing Solution at Walter Bösch & Co KG

Walter Bösch GmbH & Co KG opted for our intelligent incoming invoice solution for automated data extraction with subsequent approval process in 2021.

Walter Bösch was already working with an industry-specific ERP system and was looking for a suitable incoming invoice solution. In a selection process, free-com came out on top due to its extensive and flexible integration options with the existing ERP system. With our self-optimising solution, the workflow has now been implemented in a user-friendly and largely automated way.

Incoming invoices are read intelligently when they are received. Invoices without deviations from the order are automatically forwarded to the accounting department; only in the case of a deviation do the buyers have to take action. Interaction for them is thus reduced to a minimum. Accounting processes, for example the adjustment of tax codes or changes in account assignment, are then carried out in our intuitive and clear user interface. Since usually only one final check has to be done, the accounting department also has only a few points of contact until the approval.

Among other things, users benefit from a transparent workflow, fast communication functions, the integrated check of all compliance guidelines and simultaneous documentation of all processes. Our solution also provides a continuous view of the status of the current invoices, which means that the invoices can be viewed or checked manually at any time if required. Users not only see the general status, but also all other relevant information, such as payment plans and whether the invoice has been posted or paid.

The project consisted of two phases. In the first project phase, invoices without order reference were implemented; a quick go-live was possible with this milestone. In the second project phase, the invoices with order reference were implemented. Together with colleagues from the ERP system Oxaion, we developed an interface for the exchange of invoice and status information between the systems. Despite the higher complexity of the reconciliation process across three positions, the cooperation here worked excellently and quickly.

We also received valuable feedback from Walter Bösch on improving the PDF viewer, which can now be undocked and moved freely, e.g. placed on an additional screen. This makes it even easier to check and compare an invoice. Inputs like this help us to continuously develop our solution and optimise it for the benefit of our customers.

For Walter Bösch GmbH, the desire was to complete the project as compactly and efficiently as possible. Due to the dynamic cooperation, characterised by fast and competent communication on the individual topics, this worked extraordinarily well. A successful project with excellent cooperation, for which we would like to express our sincere thanks to the colleagues at Walter Bösch.

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