Central management of incoming invoices and digital, location-independent approval workflows – our incoming invoice solution in university operations.

Success Story: Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

“With the incoming invoice solution from free-com, we have found a simple way to digitally map the types of invoices we receive in-house with different processing procedures and requirements. This allows us to quickly process approvals independently of the individual locations and at the same time we benefit from a great transparency and overview.”

Alexander Stumbea
Accounting, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

© Foto: eSeL.at – Joanna Pianka

About Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna has exists for over 325 years and is considered one of the oldest art academies in Europe with study programmes in painting, photography, architecture and performance, among others. For the education of its approximately 1300 students, the Academy relies on research- and art-led teaching with international staff and content. In addition, the academy is in charge of two important (art) collections.


Higher Education

Implemented Solutions

  • smart INVOICE
  • smartWorkflow

Fields of Application

  • Incoming Invoice Processing
  • Purchase-to-Pay


Higher Flexibility for the Invoice Processing at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

With several branches in Vienna, the processing of incoming invoices was complicated for a long time for the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. With our digital solution, incoming invoices can now be processed and released independently of location, more flexibly and thus faster overall.

The Academy was looking for a solution to centrally manage and simplify the processing of incoming invoices. Our smartWorkflow solution convinced them due to its automated data extraction and user-friendly digital approval workflow.

Three different process flows were defined and set up in the project. For invoices with a PO reference, the accounting department can be selected directly as the responsible processing point. Alternatively, invoices are first submitted to the purchasing department and then passed on to the accounting department after it has checked them. Invoices without a PO reference can be manually assigned to a person or group in the Verifier. In this case, they decide on the further necessary approvals or responsible persons. In the last step, all invoices are given an SAP booking number by the accounting department, a second user checks this information and then releases the invoice.

With smartWorkflow, various customer-specific logics and a flexible authorisation management can be implemented. The solution optimally supports the approval process through its intuitive user interface, the integrated display of documents and a direct chat function.

All invoices are also provided with a report containing the relevant meta data for later digital and audit-proof archiving. This archiving takes place after setting up the corresponding interface in SAP. This enables legally compliant, digital archiving that meets the GoB.

“We were very happy about the productive and successful cooperation with the Academy and are now looking forward to further joint projects! “

Menduh Bozkurt
Project Manager free-com

More joint projects are planned for the future. Among other things, various document types, such as holiday applications, are to be managed with the smartWorkflow module for general documents. Our approval workflow proves to be flexible and adaptable to the requirements and can be used for different applications.

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